“Andrew is a creative with eyes wide open. He is actively growing; discovering and
mastering new skills and techniques. I have known Andrew for more than a decade
as a colleague and he has always been bright of spirit and raised the intellectual
temperature in the room. I see his ability to connect beyond the surface level, to
take in the true creative challenge while managing the pragmatic – budget, timing,
expectation, standards – and still achieve the highest results. Intelligent, creative,
driven; Andrew is an asset, period.”

– Terry Marks, principal at tmarksdesign | the AIGA LINK Program

“Andrew is a talented graphic designer who puts 110% into each of his projects
to ensure they meet the marketing & sales objectives and are delivered on time
and within budget. Andrew thrives in a collaborative work environment, providing
thoughtful insight and fresh ideas during the project initiation. While in the design
phase, Andrew is creative, detail-oriented, and open-minded when suggestions
are made. Andrew has a great attitude and is a pleasure to work with; I can whole-
heartedly recommend Andrew to any organization looking for a smart, hard-working,
and outgoing member of their creative team.”

– Adrienne Centano, Marketing Manager, Zegrahm Expeditions

“Andrew is bright, gets things quickly and acts with expertise. My Nike Foundation
London’s detailed and in-depth Girl Effects trend insight strategy report moved
forward to completion smoothly with Andrew on deck. He is quick minded, quick
actioned. Thank you Andrew, it was enjoyable. We will be working together in the
future, quite quickly in fact!”

– Jody Turner, Founder of CultureofFuture.com

“Andrew is a designer who brings fresh ideas to the table and likes to explore new
technology and design solutions. He does this while also handling multiple projects
and deadlines. His passion for design and years in the industry have added a depth
of experience that enable him to think strategically. He is a unique and smart individual
who would add value to an organization looking for an individual design solution
or as an addition to a team.”

– Casey Hanisko, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Adventure Travel
Trade Association [formerly Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Zegrahm Expeditions]

“We have had the pleasure of working with Andrew on multiple designs. Each and
every time Andrew has been able to take our idea and turn in into more than we
could have hoped for. In times of need and with very quick turn around Andrew has
stepped up to the plate and delivered us fantastic designs. He is always professional
but with a wonderful sense of humor that makes it a pleasure to work with him.
I couldn’t recommend a better person for your design needs.”

– Kevin Mullen, Owner/Brewmaster, Rare Form Brewing Company

May 19, 2015, Kevin was Andrew’s client

“I have worked with Andrew for nearly 10 years. He consistently designed creative
good looking marketing pieces during a time of great change for our company. He
is able to capture the “feel” of the destination in the travel brochures and produce
a variety of brochures for a diverse collection of trips. He is upbeat and enthusiastic
to work with.”

– Jon Nicholson, Director of Product Development, Zegrahm Expeditions

“I work with Andrew as a print vendor and always find him to do great design
work and to be very intuitive with his color palette choices on Zegrahm travel
brochures in particular. They always look beautiful. As well, I appreciate his ability
to clearly communicate details on all projects. Andrew knows his stuff.”

– Mike Fitzgerald, Account Executive, Bridgetown Printing
[formerly Print Account Executive, ColorGraphics]

“Andrew is a hard-working and accomplished designer. His graphic design work
always shows his skill with color, typography, image editing, attention to detail, and
overall inspiration for the project, whatever it may be. Andrew and I work together
on video, DVD and multimedia projects where his broad range of skills are a real
asset to the team. Andrew’s passion for design isn’t limited to the workplace. For
over ten years he has mentored aspiring designers and recent graduates about how
to succeed in a professional environment. Andrew is creative, talented, positive,
smart and a good communicator. He and I have been working together for nearly
ten years and counting. I recommend Andrew 100%!”

– Scott Bickell, Senior Digital Developer, DMXEngage
[formerly Web & Multimedia Developer, Zegrahm Expeditions]